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Death Tax Costs Ohio 58,000 Jobs

A recent study by the Buckeye Institute shows that the federal inherentance tax, or death tax, is costing Ohio 58,000 jobs as small businesses are forced to close in order to pay inherentence taxes.

The FairTax would end this travesty and help small businesses stay and thrive in Ohio.

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Missouri FairTax Rally

Neil Boortz, Herman Cain, and Joe the Plumber, along with many others like Congressman John Linder, made the MO rally a resounding success. Neil was great, Joe the Plumber was real, and Herman Cain gave a rousing speach enjoyed by all, but, at the end of the day, everyone agreed that Congress is not going to "give up" their power willingly. It's up to us to take it from them, by passing the FairTax and ending their "reign of IRS terror".

John Linder, in his soft-spoken Georgia accent, made it clear that the American public is engaged in a war with those who want to keep the present tax system and use it to hold Americans hostage to their social engineering and wealth redistriction schemes. It won't be easy, but America has to pass the FairTax, and end the abuses of Congress.


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