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GET INVOLVED - Know what's going on - Spread the word

1.    Be part of the FairTax!!   

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2.    Get Involved with the FairTax

We need your help contacting residents to make them aware of the FairTax. If you'd like to help:
     »  Send us an email at: info@ohfairtax.org


3.   Make a Contribution & Make an Endorsement

Your contribution helps to educate the public. Your endorsement helps influence the undecided!
     »  Make a contribution
     »  Make an endorsement

4.    Educate Your Friends and Neighbors About the FairTax

To assist you in your efforts, we provided a variety of resources, including: a brochure, PowerPoint presentation, sample letters to editors, a speech outline, and quick facts cards. 

»  Check out the Volunteer Resources
»  Send a friend our Brochure
»  See upcoming Calendar of events
»  Join FairTax on Facebook  Facebook Logo

5.    Find your place in the Ohio FairTax effort

Look at the state organizational chart and find where you would be most helpful to pass the FairTax.
»  Ohio organizational chart
»  Contact Ohio FairTax to get involved

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