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Five for FairTax 

If we all give a little, we can do a lot!! 

For the price of a candybar a week, you can help pay for media and materials needed to put the FairTax front and center in the tax reform debates!

You're the KEY to FairTax success!

Congressional District


Don't know or care

Just pass the FairTax

Ohio 01

Steve Chabot

Ohio 02

Jean Schmidt

Ohio 03

Michael Turner

Ohio 04

Jim Jordan

Ohio 05

Bob Latta

Ohio 06

Bill Johnson

Ohio 07

Steve Austria

Ohio 08

John Boehner

Ohio 09

Marcy Kaptur

Ohio 10

Dennis Kucinich

Ohio 11

Marcia Fudge

Ohio 12

Patrick Tiberi

Ohio 13

Betty Sutton

Ohio 14

Steve LaTourette

Ohio 15

Steve Stivers

Ohio 16

Jim Renacci

Ohio 17

Tim Ryan

Ohio 18

Bob Gibbs


Direct Bank payments:


With a recurring payment through your bank or credit union's Bill Pay, you can donate $5, $10, $25.... whatever you decide. You determine the amount and schedule it to happen every two weeks or monthly. Whatever fits your wishes.


Make checks payable to:


Mail to


4913 Cornerstone Trail

Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Ph: 937-767-2117


Our success in creating a strong grassroots movement in Ohio will support our national effort to pass the FairTax (HR 25 / S 13) and usher in a new age of economic prosperity. Ending Federal withholding will complete the removal of the government's hands from our paychecks and restore our right to maintain control over the the fruits of our labor.


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