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  UnFair: Exposing the IRS

  Coming to a Theater Near You!!

It has taken a lot of hard work by some very dedicated individuals, but UnFair: Exposing the IRS" is ready for release. This movie shows, in detail and with real people who's lives have been destroyed by the IRS, just how dangerous this creature of our income tax system has become. You won't believe some of what you see and hear!!

The FairTax is the only way to get rid of the IRS, and every FairTax supporter needs to see this movie. Not only will it make it clear just how important the FairTax is, every person sitting in a seat sends a message to Washington that the American people are awake, and not going to accept half measures or rhetorical sophistry.

UnFair is scheduled for 14 October in more than 800 theaters around the country. Here in Ohio, we have more than 35, with more being added as demand for tickets increases. This is why it is important to get your tickets today. The more theaters we "sell out", the more screens that will be added!! And the more screens, the bigger the message to Washington.

Every FairTax supporter needs to go, but we don't have to stop there. This is a great chance to invite those friends who aren't yet FairTax supporters out for a movie. Invite them out, buy their tickets, and then, after the movie, explain to them why supporting the FairTax is critical for everyone's future.

If you have a business, buy tickets for your employees. They need to understand why the FairTax would be great for them too.

If you have customers, buy a package of tickets, and give them out as tokens of appreciation for their business. Not only will they appreciate your generosity, it can be considered a deductable business expense, using the IRS's rules against them!

This is an opportunity we can't let go to waste!!

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