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Just added a new FAQ on the effect of the FairTax on Seniors living with a fixed income. Check it out!!

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  FairTax: Cleaning Up at Town Halls

As part of our on-going efforts to educate folks on the FairTax, and bring pressure to bear on elected officials, Ohio FairTax has been organizing and participating in Tax Reform Town Halls around the State. Our most recent one was sponsored by the Zanesville Patriots, and was an outstanding event (although the weather was horrible and, unfortunately, held down attendance)

The Town Hall featured a debate between the FairTax, represented by Steve Curtis, State Director for Ohio FairTax, and the Flat Income Tax, represented by Will Upton, State Manager for Ohio for Americans for Tax Reform. It was moderated by Bill Yarborough, past candidate for office and radio announcer. The concensus was that both speakers did an excellent job representing their positions and providing the audience with good information and thought-provoking ideas.

Fortunately, the entire event was video taped and is available on Fair Tax Nation

Future Town Halls are scheduled.

Event:April 21, 2013
FairTax vs Flat Income Tax Debate
District:Congressional District OH06
Place:East Gateway Community College
Gateway Auditorium
Steubenville, Ohio
Sponsor:Stuebenville for Liberty and
American Patriot Council
Moderator:Congressman Bill Johnson
Coordinator:Jim Ullom and Professor Dr. Anton Salinski
FairTax:Jim Ullom
Flat Tax:TBD

Event:April 26, 2013
FairTax vs Flat Income Tax Debate
District:Congressional District OH12
Place:Berlin Presbyterian Church
5175 S. Old State Rd.
Lewis Center, Ohio
Sponsor:Voices of Liberty and
Americans For Prosperity
Moderator:Americans for Prosperity Representative
FairTax:Steve Curtis
Flat Tax:TBD

  A Changing of the Guard!!

If you are an eligible voter for the new Board of Directors for FairTax, you should be getting more information directly from AFFT shortly.

  Update on Ways and Means
  Poor Dave Camp!!

Dave Camp recently came out with his "secret" tax reform proposal that he had promised was going to fix the obvious problems with our tax code. Unfortunately, as a reform, Camp's proposal is more of a belly flop. It makes a few attempts, like lowering the corporate tax rate to 25%, and cutting our 7 tax brackets to 3, but, at more than 900 pages, it is really just another Washington "bait and switch" proposal that will end up hurting working Americans while protecting a wide variety of special interest constituencies.

Chairman Camp needs to listen to the American people, and show the courage to do the right thing. Get rid of the income tax code and the IRS. Until he does that, it's just shifting deck chairs on the Titanic!!

Drop him a line and let him know you haven't been fooled. If it isn't the FairTax, it isn't really tax reform!!

Congressman Dave Camp
341 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3561

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